The Dopey Vegan's Little Book Of Summer Is Here!

The time has finally arrived! oh yes! you can now get your hands on a Little Book Of Summer. Simply click the shop button in the menu above and you will be whisked away, a couple more clicks and you will be the proud owner of a Little Book Of Summer. I'm so, so, excited to share with you all the zine me and Divya have been working so hard on!

You can also get your hands on a copy at Brainchild Festival this weekend. So make sure to pay a visit to the kiosk if you're there. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, follows me on Instagram or facebook, and supports me, I could not have done this without you!

This is hopefully the first in many projects I want to create around this blog and vegan food, but for now I'm very proud and happy with the work I have produced, and over the next few weeks i will be going easy on myself with blog recipes, I'm also off on holiday soon. But don't panic you will still be able to get your hands on a zine while I'm away!

Sending love and good vibes!