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Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

I started writing this gift guide thinking, like yesss I'm going to nail this. Only to realise, gifts are very much based on who you're buying for and writing a generic gift guide is a lot harder than I had originally imagined. So I tried to stick to things that I like, because my hope is if you're reading this you like my style. And things I would like to give to loved ones. If you read this and think, I would literally never own any of that, I'm sorry maybe this isn't the Christmas gift guide for you. I can only try!

I have 6 keys rules for shopping Ethically this Christmas

  1. Shop small

  2. Shop local

  3. Shop secondhand

  4. Shop from ethical and sustainable brands

  5. Support your friends who have small businesses or are artists

  6. Make gifts

Shopping small and local is a great way to keep your Christmas as ethical as possible. Supporting independent shops also helps your local area. Independent bookshops have taken a big hit since Amazon became a thing, trying supporting your local one if possible, as bookshops are a treasure we are quickly loosing. My local; Kirkdale bookshop, has an incredible selection of secondhand books, starting at 50p, which keeps my Christmas shop not only ethical, and second-hand but cheap too!

You may notice I have included a lot of family and friends in this gift guide. I've done so because I think there's nothing more ethical in supporting people you know with small businesses. If your friend is a struggling artist or business owner consider supporting them this Christmas. Why are you giving Amazon your money when your bestie probably needs it far more? (I do understand Amazon is cheap and highly accessible and convenient, and while I hate them sometimes they are a necessary evil.) Don't have any friends who are small business owners or artists, support my friends, cos I can tell you they are all amazing people working hard to make the world a kinder place.

This guide contains some affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and buy it, I get a small percentage of the sale price. It doesn't affect how much you are charged at all, and really helps me out. Any money I earn will help me to live and go back into maintaining this blog. I've selected affiliate links very carefully to suit my values, all affiliate links will be to either second-hand or ethically made items.


My babes over at Revival Collective have the cutest activist Tees, the latest addition the 'Fashion Activist' tee is is designed by Brighton-based artist and illustrator Keziah Furini. It's super cute, and the perfect gift for anybody who hates fast fashion!

This pink boiler suit from House of Sunny, really gives me J Lo, in the All I have video vibes, and I'm obsessed with that. I would do unspeakable things to own this boiler suit, so maybe someone you know will love it just as much as I do! House of Sunny are an ethical and sustainable brand innovating right here in London. They are one of the most exciting ethical brands around at the moment!

Adorned are another ethical brand I love, they are very reasonably priced, have a wide range of sizes and are super creative with the beautiful pieces they release. These mushroom jeans are utterly adorable, and will make any Christmas a fairy tale!

I love this denim shirt from ethical brand Komodo. The contrast stitching and boxy shape giver it the ultimate western vibes.

Classic and timeless, this secondhand Vivienne Westwood jacket is sure to turn heads, and gain you cool points as the giver of said jacket.


Give the gift of looking cool this Christmas, by gifting a friend or loved one, a Burberry Nova Check bucket hat from Oxfam, perfect for keeping heads warm and trendy.

This secondhand Matt and Nat Vegan leather laptop bag would make a sure fire present for vegans, students or professionals. It's simple, stylish, cruelty free and secondhand

These rings are made from ethically sourced fire opals and recycled copper, by small ethical jewellery brand Tumble and Rose. They are so pretty, I love how the natural form of the Opal stones has been honoured. They would make a welcome addition to anyone's jewellery collection.

Moomin fans will love this adorable tote bag. The perfect small gift for friends, and it will encourage them to ditch those plastic bags when shopping.

Beauty and Health

I love this complete plastic free beauty gift set from Plastic freedom. This set contains a Flawless Micellar Water in Aloe and Lavender, 20 Marley's Monsters Facial Rounds and a Volume & Sheathing Mascara from Zao Makeup. Everything a plastic free beauty guru needs!

Elementary Scents sell lovingly handcrafted, vegan and cruelty free perfume. There 3 staple scents draw on the natural world for inspiration. All the packaging is plastic free, and gorgeous. The art work on their labels is just urghhhh, any packaging nerds with me?

Taking time for your health is not highly regarded in our fast paced capitalist society. This Christmas give the gift to yourself and a friend of taking time to slow down and improve your mental and physical well being. As some of you may know, my sister Alice has an acupuncture business, based in South East London. This Christmas, refer a friend and you will both recieve £10 off your next appointment. This offer is valid until January 31st.


These gorgeous scented candles are vegan, handmade and in recycled glass bottles. I brought Alice the green tea and almond one last year, it smells divine and has a really long burning time.

I love this vintage window frame style mirror. It would make a great addition to a home, I can see it now in a hall way brightening the place up next to some cute plants.

Add a boho touch of sunshine to someone's home with this really lovely recycled and Fairtrade sun chime from Adorned.

These gorgeous ethically made recycle sari throws from Oxfam, will brighten up any drab sofa.


Katherine Spence, the babe behind Hairy Naked produces bad ass feminist art, with a unique style that is all her own. She sells prints, ceramics and does portrait commissions. Follow her on Instagram for updates ongoing projects.

Remi Yeku is an amazing artist. His screen prints of London really have my heart. I picked out this street scene of a Peckham fruit seller, as a particular fave, but it is genuinely hard to choose. He also sells screen printed tees, with fabulous mask designs on.

My forever bestie Divya, who I have collaborated with many times, is an amazing illustrator and artist. She also does beautiful commissions. You can comission her for a potrait of a loved one ; human or furry! A few years back I commisioned her to paint Alice a picture of Fifer and it still one of the best gifts I have ever given.

Nikki Evans sells the cutest digital collage illustrations. She has a range of t-shirts, prints and post cards, and cute Christmas cards, all of which would make make adorable artisan gifts.

Abprallen is a brand who I have loved and been supported by for a long time. You may remember them from my first ever giveaway on Instagram, where they very kindly donated a 'The future is Vegan' pin. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, having a pop up shop at Pride, an incredibly successful crowdfunder where they released 10 beautiful new pins, and hitting 10,000 followers on Instagram. Abprallen support various LGBTQ charities, and are run by one beautiful soul, Erik. By supporting him you are helping a small artist fufil their creative vision. This art nouveau style lovers print is dedicated to the beauty of Lesbian culture.


Music is a super personal taste. But you can't go wrong with getting any musical lover a copy of an albulm they love on vinyl. Even better if they have a vinyl player, but honestly the kids these days take their vinyl to the parties apparently (I don't go out much). I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and this vinyl copy of their Y Control album is a sure to hit the spot with wana be rock gods.

Revival Collective have two zines, Plant Based Revival and Feminist Fashion Revival. They both contain recipes from yours truly, and a host other ethical and sustainable articles. These would make the perfect gift for anyone that needs a nudge in the ethical direction, or someone who's already a certified eco nerd!

This stunning collection of 6 Brother's Grimm fairy tales is illustrated by none other than David Hockney. I literally cannot get over how stunning this, I'm a huge fairy tale fan, I'm so tempted to buy this right now for myself, and screw you lot, but my Christmas bank balance won't allow it.

Oxfam have a large collection of first editions. Any book lovers will rejoice at the gift of a first edition. They have a range of prices anything from £25 - £2000. Zadie Smith fans will really appreciate this incredibly thoughtful gift which is not only a first edition but also a signed copy of NW.


Playdough is a classic, and can entertain lil'uns for hours. Squidge And Squish specialise in plastic free playdough, and this Christmas set is glittery and has every colour you need to create a doughy Christmas scene.

A lovely secondhand illustrated copy of a classic Aesop fable. Perfect for really lil'uns.

A complete fantasy trilogy perfect for tweens or older children interested in fantasy books. Also might be pinched by adult family members!

If I had a little bubba they would definitely be wearing this upcycled, hand embroidered Feminist shirt.

I love love love these bell bottoms that can fit anything from 18 months to 14 years. Do you think I could still squeeze into a size 14 years? Tubs Togs also have a whole loads of other groovy kids clothes so be sure to check them out.

Stocking Fillers

Is it even a stocking without socks? Not if you ask me. These Organic Basics socks are ethical, and made from sustainable materials. They come in both mens and womens sizes. I have a 10% discount code for Organic Basics: PHOEBEOB, which can be used sitewide.

This adorable cat constellation patch from Tumble and Rose is perfect for anyone with a love of cats, astrology or stars (so just about every millennial).

With the new year fast approaching a diary always makes a useful Christmas gift. This diary from A Good Company is made in a water-free manufacturing process entirely from reused materials.

I love this Trans is Beautiful Pin from Abprallen and couldn't agree more. Wear it with pride on secondhand rucksacks or denim jackets.

Help someone on their sustainable journey this Christmas by gifting them a reusable bamboo coffee cup. I love this one from Oxfam as the print is so groovy, and you are giving money to a worthwhile charity while you buy it!


For your sweet toothed friends why not try making them my Tiffin bars. Homemade baked goods are always a heartfelt gift, and sure to make everyone smile.

Got that one friend who keeps saying they want to go vegan but "what about the CHEESE?!" Well this Christmas try tempting them to the green side with my vegan Camebert as a gift.


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