Fed By Water Review

I recently went for dinner at Fed By Water, a completely vegan Italian restaurant, in Dalston. Fed by Water aims to bring the the nutritional importance of pure water in food and drink to the public conscience. They filter all the water used in the restaurant to remove all the the impurities such as limescale, chlorine and bacteria. This improves the taste and increases the health benefits of the food. The food is based on traditional Italian dishes, it's so exciting to eat vegan equivalents of your favourite authentic Italian dishes because they so often involve meat or dairy!

I started off my meal with a cheeky cocktail, they have a happy hour so if you're looking to indulge go then because the cocktails are delicious. I went for a bloody Mary and I can honestly say it was the best bloody Mary I have ever had (and I've tried quite a few)! I don't know what form of sorcery or incarnation they had whispered over this thing but it was so damn good, it was the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. Also they topped it with the most amazing celery, spinach leaf, dehydrated lemon, chutney thing.

Check me out staring with love and awe into my bloody Mary.

For starters we had garlic bread and raw cheesy balls. The garlic bread was nice, lovely bread, could of been a tad more garlicy for me but I'm a bit obsessed with garlic. The raw cheesy balls were cashew cheese balls topped with turmeric, paprika, chives and edible flowers served on veggie spreads and gluten free crisps. This looked sensational! The plate was so pretty I was almost sad to eat it. I had never eaten cashew cheese before and it was a definite winner. The different toppings were lovely and all worked so well together.

For mains Jamie went for Tagliatelle al ragù, which has a bolognaise sauce with soy mince. He had it with gluten free pasta. Most of the dishes can be made gluten free, but due to cross contamination Fed by Water say they can't guarantee food to be safe for coeliacs. Jamie said it was a great bolognaise, and a brilliant alternative to the beef version. He also said the gluten free pasta was good, something that can be tricky. I went for Spaghetti alla carbonara, which was smoked tofu, turmeric and soy cream topped with crispy seitan chunks. It was heavenly, carbonara is a dish I really miss since going vegan so I was super excited when I saw it on the menu. It was so creamy and rich. And the seitan chunks were a great bacon equivalent, they had a delicious smokey flavour. Unfortunately I had rather overindulged on garlic bread so I couldn't finish my main, thankfully the staff at Fed by Water kindly put it in a box for me, I had it with my dinner later, and despite the fact I reheated it in the microwave it still tasted wonderful.

I loved eating at Fed By Water. The restaurant inside is quite small, which makes it really intimate and the decor makes it cosy. The walls are black and dark curtains are draped from the windows but the lighting is perfect so it doesn't feel too dark. The food was amazing and all of it was beautifully presented. I had never eaten such fine dining vegan food. The only drawback I could come up with is this place is quite pricey, we paid over £50 for a drink, starter and two mains. I do believe the food is worth the money, as what Fed by Water are offering is so mouth watering and different, but for me this puts it into a special occasion restaurant category.Go on why not treat yourself some time soon to beautiful vegan Italian food, Ciao!