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New Years Resolutions

I had the best intentions of starting the new year off by working hard, getting a schedule going, kick starting a few new projects. Despite hating new year, I always fall for it. I always think January 1st I'm going to wake up a new person and funnily enough I never ever do. This year the January slump hit hard. I spent the start of this week in bed crying. But just cos January started badly doesn't mean the whole new year is a write off. That's why I'm here to talk resolutions. I'm not normally one for new years resolutions as I find them pretty hard to stick to. A few days into January and that health kick is looking more like a fairytale you tell yourself each year than any kind of actually achievable plan.

So over the last few years I've developed a way to make resolutions that don't live you feeling like a failure by the first weekend of January. Go achievable and go broad.

Four years ago I did Veganuary, I hadn't commited to going vegan but wanted to at least try for the month of January. I made a few slip ups that month, like eating cheesey crackers and completely forgetting they contained cheese! But by the end of the month, I was convinced I would never go back to eating eggs and dairy (I had already been veggie). If you are doing veganuary this month good luck! If you wanted to but haven't started, it's never too late. Even if for you this month is just about reducing your meat intake, it's better than nothing.

Last year I resolved to try to be happier. Sounds simple right, well when you've spent years battling with your mental health maybe not. But I carefully constructed my resolution so as not to disappoint myself. I didn't say I will be happier. I said I would try.

Anyway last year I was pretty successful. Over the course of the year I feel like I was happier than the previous year, and not from chance but from actively trying to be happier.

This year I'm going a little harder with my resolutions. and I would like to keep you guys up to date with my resolutions. I have two!

1) Do more art

Painting and drawing really make me happy but I also never really dedicate time to them. This year I want to do more art. I feel like this resolution isn't set up for failure cos honestly last year I didn't do much art at all, so an unspecified more is manageable. Also this stuff really makes me happy, if I can make the time to do it, I'm sure it will eventually become a habit and improve my well being.

2) Learn basic sewing skills

Ok so I can sew a button back on a jacket, but I have no idea how to do turn ups or darn a sock. I basically want to work on my basic repair skills. I'm not going to be crafting my own outfits any time soon, but I do have a jacket with severe holes in the pockets that I want to patch up. I think this achievable as I have some simple sewing skills already, and I'm also pretty good at fiddly things as I can hand embroider. I also think it's a great way to keep clothes for longer and reduce their environmental impact. I would love to find a way to include you guys in this project, so I will be writing some blog posts about it. I am also considering setting up a group on either facebook or instagram so anyone else who wants to get in on this resolution can share tips and tricks they find. If this sounds like something you would enjoy please drop me a dm, or send me an email to

So that's my two resolutions. I know it's no longer January first but it's really never too late to start on a resolution. You can make changes to your life and self any time of year! So I thought I would leave you with some suggestions for eco resolutions, that you can start mid Jaanuary and still have a succesful year. I've tried to include a range, from a real challenge, to super easy and achievable. Feel free to use as many of these as you want, but if you do go for it please keep me updated on how your resolutions are going I would love to know!

My eco resolution suggestions

- Reduce your single use plastic consumption

- Quit fast fashion

- Reduce your meat intake/ go vegan

- Boycott amazon/ coca-cola/ unilever

- Get into gardening (something I also did last year and really enjoyed!)

- Get outside and into nature more

- Join your local Extinction Rebellion group

- Join a local conservation charity

- Travel by public transport more

- Swap your washing and cleaning products for more eco-friendly alternatives

- Cook from scratch more

- Follow more environmental activists online

- Write to your mp about climate change

- Donate to a food bank

- Volunteer to clean up your local community/ host a spring clean up with Keep Britain Tidy

- Create some arts and crafts projects with recycled materials

And there you have it. Hopefully some of these resolutions speak to you. Remember you don't have to become a whole new person just because it's January, but any chance to improve yourself and the world around you, is a good thing. This time of year can feel like so much pressure, and it's also grey and miserable and not motivating at all. It's ok to think the first couple of weeks of January sucked, it's ok to think the whole of January went down the drain, there's still plenty of time left in 2020, there's still plenty of time left for you. So make of the new year what you will, and whatever else I hope it brings you happiness!


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