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Vegan Hangover Survival Snacks

If you've been brave enough to do Veganuary and dry January at the same time, your first time being drunk and vegan maybe fast approaching. Everyone's seen that meme that's like "what do vegans eat when their drunk? cabbage?" And while I am partial to a bit of cabbage any time day or night I'm not usually caught whipping up a coleslaw after a wild night out. So what do I eat when I'm too hungover to cook, and all I want is carbs, carbs, carbs? Well here is my list of the best vegan hangover foods, so you never have to go hungry on a hangover again!

Bean burgers

Bean burgers are easily picked up in almost any supermarket. These particular ones are from aldi. Bean burgers usually only take around 20 mins to cook, are freezable and plastic packaging free. Pair with a bread or a burger bun to up the carbs, add vegan mayo or cheese and viola, you've got yourself just what you need to soak up all that alcohol!

Sainsbury's cheese style and spring onion crispbakes

Ever since I discovered these in the freezer aisle of Sainsbury's I have been obsessed and I always try to keep an emergency packet in my freezer. They are perfect for hangovers as they are made from potatoes, so carbs, but also have that gooey cheesey centre. Plus they are super quick to heat up. Pair them with a can of baked beans, and you've got yourself a whole meal.

Aldi's vegan pizzas

A new addition to Aldi's vegan range are these pizzas which come in three varieties. Here I have the spicy cauliflower and bbq bacon and mushroom versions, but there is also a bbq jackfruit. Firstly they are great value for money! Much, much cheaper than the vegan pizzas sold elsewhere, and totally tasty. Me and Jamie loved the bbq bacon and mushroom the best, but the spicy cauliflower was a close second. They have a classic oven pizza taste, that really reminds me of being a child. Perfect hangover food!

Aldi's No Beef Pasties

These pasties are amazing. The pastry is fluffy and light and the filling tastes great. I much perfer them to the Gregg's steak bakes. Completely plastic free and freezable, these make for the perfect guilt free hangover revival snack.

Sausage rolls

Vegan sausage rolls are now available from a number of places, including most major supermarkets, here I have Aldi's frozen box of 4, which are cheap and plastic free. There's nothing better than a sausage wrapped in pastry when you're drying from excessive alcohol consumption.


Vegan sausages are available just about every where these days, including corner shops, thanks Linda McCartney. Wrap them in bread for a sausage sandwich, or if you've got the energy add them to a classic fry up (minus the egg). My favourites are Sainsbury's shroomdogs as they taste just like the real thing!

Potato anything

Look potatoes were gifted to us by the food gods. And there's never a time when I appreciate potatoes more than when I'm hungover af. All forms of potatoes are ok with me from the humble hashbrown, to mash and gravy, or a classic jacket. You don't even need much food in, a potato and some butter, maybe some beans and mayo and you've got yourself a winner.

Cheese and Bean toastie

All you need is some bread, a can of beans and some vegan cheese, and it takes a matter of minutes to make. There's nothing better than gooey cheesey beany goodness when you're hungover. I've been eating cheese and baked bean toasties since I was a kid, but it took me consuming an ungodly amount of alcohol to understand the real value of them

Ice cream

For when you've finished stuffing yourself with savoury carbs, and you're crying out for something sweet. What could be better than a whole tub of vegan ice cream? I'm a big fan of vegan Ben and Jerry's, but oof that price tag. I love these Aldi ice creams, that are a fraction of the price, and taste banging!

Now go out and enjoy your binge drinking, knowing you can also enjoy your hangover! Also if you want to know what alcohol is vegan I strongly suggest using Barnivore, as it's the most comprehensive list of vegan alcohols online.


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