Black Cat Cafe Review

IT's been a long while since I wrote a Review, I've been so busy with perfecting recipes, zines and mental health, I really haven't been eating out much. And when I have been I've mostly been to chains. (I recently went to The Real Greek, which has by far my favourite chain vegan menu, just a lil fyi.) So it was about time I got out and enjoyed some real good vegan food, from a place that specialises in exactly that. Me and Alice took up this hunt together (along with fifer), and settled on The Black Cat Cafe in Hackney. A 100% vegan cafe, offering plenty of gluten free options. It is also a cooperative, so when you spend your money you can feel good that some fat cat isn't getting rich of ya. Tucked neatly behind Hackney Downs Park and dog friendly this place is the perfect weekend jaunt. The decor is light and airy, with big windows that open onto the street at the front.IT's very scandi chic (I think, I dont actually know much about decor).To order you have to go up to the counter, and behind it on big black boards is that day's menu, they change the menu frequently, to suit the season and time of day.

As soon as we walked in me and alice were excited. One black board in particular was dedicated to milkshakes, and they had a vast variety of flavours. We both ordered a milkshake straight away, (it was a well hot day, and the whole walk to the cafe i had been moaning I was thirsty). I chose cookies and cream, while alice went for a classic, chocolate. And omg these milkshakes did not disappoint. They were incredibly creamy, and reminded me of a mcdonald's milkshake in the best possible way. They were served with plastic straws, which at first upset me but then I realised they were biodegradable ones!

For mains I ordered a Chickpea Tuna Sub, while alice went for leek and asparagus quiche. Both were incredibly delicious. My sub oozed tasty vegan mayonaise, and the chickpea tuna was studded with gherkins (i friggin love a gherkin). It was all served with a delicious side salad. While Alice's quiche was creamy and moist, with perfect flaky pastry. Honestly both dishes were the perfect lunch on a sweltering hot day. Both of our mains weren't gluten free, but Black Cat do offer a lot of GF options and everything is clearly labelled.

After eating we decided we needed yet another milkshake. This time I got banana and Alice went for cookies and cream. We got them to take away, a long with a selection of pastries, The pastries had been staring longingly at us all meal, They had a whole load of vegan and gluten free options. We went for a chocolate croissant, a danish filled with mango, raspberry and custard and a lemon and poppy seed muffin. We ate the chocolate croissant on the train back, because we just couldn't wait any longer. And had the pastry and muffin for a boujee breakfast the next morning. You would honestly never know the pastries and muffin were vegan, they were perfect!

The food at Black Cat is relaxed and delicious. The perfect weekend lunch vibes, indulgent but not too rich, relaxed but trendy, gorgeous food that has a conscience. Black Cat is exactly my scene, and trust me I will be spending many more afternoons here!